Family owned and operated since 1994, Beyond Health’s mission is simple—supply their customers with cutting-edge health information and the highest quality supplements and health-supporting products in the world. With over 26 years of experience in the supplement industry, Beyond Health’s team of experts have crafted formulas that ensure peak nutritional value. They want customers to get the highest quality product, best value for their money, and the nutrients their body needs.

Beyond Health increased revenue with BigCommerce & Recharge

Buying supplements is a very personal choice for customers and their health care. For them to feel comfortable making this purchase, customers needed to trust the Beyond Health website as a reliable brand. To understand what their website needed to convey this message, Beyond Health leaned on an expert team of digital strategists, project managers, and certified developers at Absolute Web. Committed to helping their clients grow and thrive, Absolute Web recommended leveraging the Recharge platform to seamlessly scale their first subscription experience.

“Our main goals were to improve the UX on mobile and increase the overall conversion rate, and the inspired decision to move forward with BigCommerce + Recharge for the new website helped achieve these objectives early on. The stats speak for themselves.”

Sergiu Tabaran

Sergiu Tabaran

Ecommerce Specialist at Absolute Web


The main objective was to ensure that Beyond Health’s content, imagery, marketing, and buying process all instilled trust for first-time customers. The first step to convey their overall mission, and the premium value of their supplements, was to migrate from their existing platform, Magento 1, to BigCommerce. This switch would allow them to leverage the benefits of a SaaS ecommerce platform, including easily integrating and maintaining third-party technologies like Recharge.

When creating their new site on BigCommerce, Beyond Health wanted to deliver an improved overall UI/UX experience. They wanted to gain customer confidence, and optimize experience no matter the device. Finally, they hoped to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and conversion rates.


With Recharge for BigCommerce, Beyond Health leveraged our platform to build and scale their first subscription program. With Absolute Web’s experience and recommendation, they landed on the Replenishment model for their supplements. This means that when shoppers navigate to their products, there is an option to ‘subscribe and save’ for a 5% discount. Once subscribed, customers have access to the branded customer portal to manage their subscription by swapping products, changing delivery frequency, or skipping a shipment.


Users could save money while also maintaining freedom with their orders, an attractive incentive for subscribing that drove higher conversions. With the seamless integration, conversion rates increased an impressive 7.63%.

With Recharge’s simple workflows, customers could easily add or swap products in their orders. This option empowered customers to sample and switch, and in just the first six weeks after launch, Average Order Value rose by almost 6%.

Since the BigCommerce and Recharge integration is so smooth to enable, agencies like Absolute Web can easily build phenomenal customer experiences on top of the technology. The implemented UI/UX enhancements on desktop and mobile clearly impressed Beyond Health’s customers, resulting in an overall revenue boost of 38.25% .

“The communication from the support, engineering, launch, and partners teams at Recharge was prompt and clear throughout the entire integration process.”

Sergiu Tabaran

Sergiu Tabaran

Ecommerce Specialist at Absolute Web