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Recharge and RetentionEngine’s powerful new customer retention integration allows brands to reduce churn with a personalized cancel flow and predictive analytics. Recharge merchants can now reactively, proactively, and retroactively reduce their voluntary churn rates.

Customer churn is a complex problem and it involves a multitude of factors. Some customers cancel because they have too much product, others cancel because they are cutting back on expenses, and others just had poor experiences. 

A personalized cancel flow that lets you address each customer personally can help you overcome any issue in a dynamic manner, learning and optimizing with each positive outcome.

Web screenshot shows cancel flows.
Creating a cancel flow can help mitigate churn.

Overcoming churn in the moment is only a small piece of the battle. You also want to understand the causes of customer churn on a deeper level so that you can mitigate the risks before a potential client reaches your cancel flow. 

RetentionEngine captures the granular details on who is canceling, why they are canceling, and when in their customer journey they are canceling. This granular data tells stories that can help merchants understand how to improve customer experiences and handle churn proactively.

Images show graphs of exit survey responses and SKU-based churn.
Analyzing the reasoning for churn can help you work to retain customers. 

“Ultimately, the first step to reduce churn is to understand the problems causing it and who is experiencing them. We are thrilled to be working with Recharge to enable merchants to learn and overcome churn with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Recharge’s world-class subscription platform makes it simple for merchants to scale subscriptions and RetentionEngine compliments by helping keep those subscriptions active, longer.”

—Mat Moody, CEO at RetentionEngine

Along with the personalized cancel flow and churn analytics, RetentionEngine offers the ability to predict churn risk in the future. See which audiences are at-risk at each point in their lifecycle. Where you had to guess before, now you can see exactly which customers are at a higher risk for churn at specific points in their customer lifecycle, including why they are at-risk. 

Screenshot shows a graph of risk forecasts.
Looking at risk forecasts will help your company develop strategies to avoid churn. 

To start using RetentionEngine with Recharge, visit RetentionEngine.com today or access RetentionEngine in Recharge’s App Directory. If you’d like to learn more about the advanced RetentionEngine features, request a demo here.